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Nordic Inn Website

Welcome to the Nordic Inn Medieval Brew and Bed, Central Minnesota’s Viking Inn and Bed and Breakfast. We are a Viking interactive dinner theater and bed and breakfast, making this Inn one of the most unique night’s stay you’ll ever have. Located in the city of Crosby, MN, the Viking Inn is where history comes […]

Chaska Laptop Screen Repair

Is your laptop screen broken in Chaska, MN? Chavis Designs can repair or replace your broken or burned out lcd laptop screen with fast turnaround time and an affordable price. We have fixed many laptop screens from customers all over the Chaska area, and are considered the best valued laptop display replacement service in the […]

Christmasota Website

This is a website we built for Christmasota; Minnesota’s largest Christmas light display. With thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights, Christmasota will surely become a loved tradition by families in Minnesota for many years to come. With street performers, a realistic Christmas village, and Santa Clause always on hand, children and families will be filled […]

Shakopee American Legion Website

This is a website Chavis Designs built for the Shakopee American Legion. The Shakopee American Legion wanted an easy way to update and maintain a calendar of events, as well as display all of their offerings to potential patronson their website. The Shakopee American Legion offers free wi-fi, drink specials, live entertainment, and more. The Shakopee American Legion […]

Chaska Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

Is your laptop DC power jack broken in Chaska, MN? Call Chavis Designs today and we’ll have your laptop jack fixed in not time. Our expert electronics and laptop computer repair experts will replace that broken or damaged dc jack with a brand new one. Most repair shops take 3 weeks or more to repair […]

Chaska Virus Removal Service

If you have a computer virus in Chaska, MN, call Chavis Designs today. We are the leading virus removal service in Chaska and the surrounding Twin Cities area of Minnesota. If your computer has a virus, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Viruses can infest themselves deep in your system and personal files, corrupting your […]

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